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About Us


PINKISH BY M was founded by actress Marcela H M, who was born, and raised in Guadalajara, JAL. MX.

She is currently living in LA, right in the heart of Hollywood, CA

Marcela was a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding and, every gal received a beautiful pendant necklace from the bride. She wore it everyday because not only was beautiful, but it was a daily reminder of her best friend. After a few months, the necklace started giving her a skin reaction, and it started turning green to the point that it was no longer usable. This was one of the inspirations for the store, to carry jewelry that is affordable for those special gifts but that are also long lasting and skin safe.

Gifting can get a little generic, so why not have beautiful a meaningful pieces?

All PINKISH By M pieces are designed, made or curated by Marcela, with always the inspiration of FUN, UNIQUE & MEANINGFUL